Rafisahab Sang Landmark Songs In Balraj Sahani Films.

Balraj Sahani played majestic roles in the 1950s and 1960s. Other than Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar, the other actor who was highly respected by the industry was Balraj Sahani. Rafisahab contributed a lot in the realistic films of Balraj Sahani.
Rafisahab sang landmark songs in Balraj Sahani films.
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Balraj Sahani used to be considered very dignified actor of the golden age. Whenever Rafisahab sang songs for Balraj Sahab, he tried to balance his personality with his singing style.



In the film Do Bigha Zameen in 1953, Rafisahab sang the song “ajab teri duniya hai” composed by Salil Choudhury. It was a serious film depicting the life of a rickshaw puller who came to a city and earned his livelihood. It was difficult to have many songs in such a film.

In the film Seema in 1955, Rafisahab sang landmark song “kahan ja raha hai, tu aye janewale” and “yeh duniya

gham ka mela hai”. They were composed by Shankar Jaikishan. The songs wee brilliantly sung and Balraj sahib gave able lips in the songs. Nutanji acted opposite Balraj Sahani in the film.

In the film Bhabhi in 1957, Rafisahab’s song “chal ur jare panchi ke ab yeh desh hua begana” was the theme song played a number of times in the film. The song depicted the pathos in the life of Balraj Sahani in the film. The landmark song was composed by Chitragupt.

Rafisahab sang many songs for Balraj Sahani in the film Sutta Bazaar. It was released in 1959. Meena Kumari and Balraj Sahani played the lead roles in the film. Kalyanji Anandji composed the music of the film. The most landmark Rafisahab songs in the film included “zaara thehero ji abdul gaffar, rumaal mere leke jana”, “ankhen ka dhanda ek din tez sau din manda”, “ja ja na ched man bhi”.

Balraj Sahani’s film Choti Behen in 1959 was appreciated by film lovers. There was one song of Rafisahab titled “mai rickshawwala”. It was picturized on Mehmood. So Balraj Sahani did not give any lips any of the Rafisahab songs.

In 1961, Balraj Sahab acted in the landmark film Kabuliwala. Salil Choudhury composed the music of the film. The Bengali version of the film Kabuliwala was directed by renowned director Tapan Sinha. Majestic actor Chabi Biswas played the role of Kabuliwala in the film. Rafisahab’s song in the hindi film was titled “ho ya qurbaan”. It was composed in Afghan style.

In 1961, Balraj Sahani acted in Bhabhi Ki Churiya. It was a woman centric film where Meena Kumari played the lead role. As there was no scope for male songs in the film Rafisahab did not any song for Balraj Sahani in the film. Lataji’s song “jyoti kalash chalke” picturised on Meena Kumari got huge appreciation.


In 1962, Balraj Sahani acted in the film Shaadi. Dharmender and Manoj Kumar played the lead roles opposite Saira Banu. Rafisahab sang the songs “mukhra tera saaf nahi”, “log to baat ka afsana bana dete hai”, “teri sharan para hua data, tu hi pita hai tu hi data”. But the songs were not picturised on Balraj Sahani. The music was composed by Chitragupt.


Balraj Sahani acted in the landmark film of Chetan Anand titled Haqeeqat in 1964. It was based on Indo-China war. Madanmohan Kohli composed the music of the film. Rafisahab’s song “kar chale hum fida jaan-o-tan saathio, ab tumhare hawale watan saathion” was majestic and patriotic. Balraj Sahani played the role of military officer in the film in style and the song was picturized at the backdrop when he was meeting Jayantsahab.

In 1965, Balraj Sahani acted in the cult film Waqt. It was directed by Yash Chopra and produced by BR Chopra. The

music of the film was composed by Ravi Shankar Sharma. Balraj Sahani played the role of the father of the three sons Raj Kumar, Sunil Dutt and Shashi Kapoor, who house broke in an earthquake and the life got shattered. He rebuilt himself in the rest of the years. Rafisahab’s song “waqt se din aur raat” was played in the background whenever the memories of Balraj Sahani came about his happy life in the film.

In 1966, Balraj Sahani acted in the film Aasra. Biswajeet and Mala Sinha played the lead roles. There was a song of Rafisahab titled “shokhiyan nazar me hai”. But it was not picturised on Rafisahab.

In 1968, Rafisahab sang a landmark song for the entire century “babul ki duwayen leti jaa, jaa tujhko sukhi sansar mile” for Balraj Sahani. Balraj Sahani was boarding his daughter in train once she got married. The song told the story of the heart of a father whenever he got his daughter married. The music was composed by Ravi Shankar Sharma. The song is always sung on marriages.

In 1967, Balraj Sahani played the role of the father of Rajender Kumar in the film Aman. Rafisahab’s song “aman ka farishta kahan ja raha hai”, was picturised when Rajender Kumar had died and Balraj Sahani was carrying his dead body. As he died during medical treatment of affected persons of Heroshima, Nagasaki atom bomb, when his deadbody came, he was given the prestige of freedom fighter. Even the sad version of Rafisahab’s song “surahidaar gardan” was played at the end when Rajender Kumar died.

In Balraj Sahani’s film Ek Phool Do Mali in 1968, Balraj Sahani played a great role. Sanjay Khan and Sadhna also played the lead roles. Rafisahab sang two great songs “aulad walon”, and “o nanhe se farishte”. In the same film Manna Dey’s song picturised on Balraj Sahani “mera naam karega raushan” touched the hearts of numerous Indians.

Balraj Sahani was a majestic actor. In his career he acted in around 70 to 80 films. He emphasized on strong characters and his films like Bhabhi Ki Churiya, Kabuliwala, were majority serious realistic films. So if Rafisahab’s contribution in his films are compared, the songs brought out the complex characters that Balraj Sahani played.

Balraj Sahani did not act in hero-centric films like Dilip Kumar who gave lips in more than 80 songs of Rafisahab, nor Rajender Kumar, who gave lips in more than 100 songs of Rafisahab. Most of Balraj Sahani’s films were award winning films. But in those films also Rafisahab made a major contribution. Rafisahab gave expression to the beautiful words that were used in the songs of the films of Balraj Sahani.


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