Sudhin Dasgupta Composed Beautiful Songs For Leading Singers Of Bengal Both In Bengali Films And Modern Songs.

The article speaks about the contribution of lyricist and composer Sudhin Dasgupta in Bengali films and modern songs. He was a legend and created masterpieces.
Sudhin Dasgupta composed beautiful songs for leading singers of Bengal both in bengali films and modern songs.
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During the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, Bengal was blessed with many lyricists, poets and composers. Right from composers Robin Chatterjee to Anupam Ghatak, Anil Bagchi to Salil Choudhury there were composers of different dimensions and specializations. At the same time the poets and lyricists like Gouriprasanna Majumdar, Shyamal Gupta, Pronob Roy, Pabitra Mitra, Anal Chatterjee and others glorified both Bengali film music and modern songs.


Sudhin Dasgupta was one of the talents who emerged during that time and glorified Bengali films both with lyrics and songs. He composed a number of successful songs for all the leading singing stars of that



Some of the successful songs of Sudhin Dasgupta for the leading singers included “moyurkonthi raatero nile”, “rongila ranga dehe bhab legeche” for Manobendra Mukherjee, “ei jhir jhir jhir batashe”, “ogo suchorita” for Dhananjoy Bhattacharya, “elo borosha je sohosa mone tai”, “akash eto meghla jeo nako ekla” for Satinath Mukherjee, “keno tumi fire ele” for Shyamal Mitra, “ami taar thikana rakhini” for Manna Dey, “ekta gaan likho amar jonyo” for Pratima Banerjee, “oi ujjol din” for Subir Sen to name a few. Some of these songs like Manobendra's "moyrukonthi raatero nile" or Shyamal Mitra's "naam rekhechi bonolata" became super hit in the late 1950s and early 1960s.


In respect of Bengali films the list of films where Sudhin Dasgupta composed music is very long. Some of the successful films included Dakharkara, Uttam Kumar’s Goli Theke Rajpoth, Shankhabela, Choddobeshi, Har Mana Har, Soumitra Chatterjee’s Teen Bhubaner Pare, Bosonto Bilap, to mention a few.


He had worked with different directors at different periods of time, for

example he worked with Agragami in Dakharkara and Shankhabela, Agradoot in Choddobeshi, Dilip Roy in Amrito Kumbher Sandhane.


Majority of songs either written or composed by Sudhin Dasgupta became immortal songs. In the film Shankhabela, Lata’s song “aaj mon cheyeche ami hariye jabo” and Manna Dey’s song “ke prothom kache esechi” and “ami agantuk ami barta dilam” became bumper hit.


Similarly in Dakharkara Geeta Dutt’s song “kacher churi chotar” and Manna Dey’s “ogo tomar sesh bicharer ashae” became super hit.


In Uttam Kumar’s film Kokhono Megh, Arati Mukherjee’s song “hariye jete jete” became super hit. In Har Mana Har, Manna Dey’s song “esechi ami esechi”, “lekha porata sikhe phele” and “paye paye joriya rakho” became super hit.


Sudhin Dasgupta also used Asha Bhosle successfully in the film Choddobeshi in songs like “amar din kate na”, “aro dure cholo jai”, to mention a few. The songs and the films require restoration.

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